Tentang Saya

Polly is a considerate local activist who enjoys jigsaw puzzles.


Polly Ocean Pit is a 20-year-old local activist who enjoys jigsaw puzzles, cycling and stealing candy from babies. She is considerate and gentle, but can also be very unfriendly and a bit violent.

She is an Italian Christian. She finished school and then left academia.

Physically, Polly is in pretty good shape. She is very short with cocao skin, grey hair and brown eyes.

She grew up in a working class neighbourhood. She was raised by her father, her mother having left when she was young.

She is currently in a relationship with Lachlan Virgil Martin. Lachlan is 6 years older than her and works as a receptionist.

Polly’s best friend is a local activist called Ada Rogers. They have a very firey friendship. She also hangs around with Lara Butler and Jac Nelson. They enjoy theatre together.

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